Casting Call – Voice Actors

Valorous Games is seeking outgoing, talented people for a Valor Live Play program! This will be a paid position where actors will play a campaign of Valor within our upcoming Modern Fantasy Valress setting. The play sessions will be posted and uploaded, and depending on the circumstances they may also be streamed on Twitch. The games themselves will be run online through Roll20 using our Valor character sheet, and will use either Discord or Zoom for the recording. We’re specifically seeking voice actors or stage actors (established or not), especially those with interest or experience in JRPG and Anime acting. We also strongly encourage LGBTQI+ and BIPOC actors to apply!

Think you’ve got what it takes? Fill out the form below and submit it to with the subject line “Valor Live Play Application”. We will accept formal resumes and cover letters so long as they address all requested points listed below.

Name: (This can be an online handle but it needs to be recognizably linked to your submitted demo. If offered a position we will need your legal name for contractual purposes)

Acting Experience: (Please include a link to your acting credits or to a demo reel. We will require some verifiable demo to consider you for the position)

Tabletop RPG Experience: Describe your general experience with tabletop roleplaying games – you aren’t required to have prior experience but it is helpful. Also use this section to indicate if you are interested and willing in being the Game Master.

Union Membership Status: (We are prepared to work with acting unions and will ensure full compliance with Union requirements. We are not requiring current membership but it may be a requirement as the project moves forward and we are willing to sponsor non-members if necessary. This information is requested so we can plan accordingly)

Additional Information: Tell us a bit about yourself and why you’re interested! This is a good section for LGBTQI+ and BIPOC applicants to talk about their personal experience.


Additional Information: 

  • The setting for the sessions will be a Modern Fantasy world in a country analogous to the United States of America. The actors will create their own characters within the Valor system, taking on the role of Cavaliers, adventurers who roam the country taking on dangerous jobs the local police do not have the staff or firepower to deal with.
  • The initial series is planned to encompass an entire Season in Valor, spanning levels 1-5 with approximately 12 sessions and an estimated 36 hours of play time with the potential for extension or renewal. This timeline may not reflect the final release schedule.
  • Work will be provided on a for hire, contractual basis. Valorous Games will retain rights to all content produced from this job.
  • All actors will retain royalty rights to their unique characters should the characters be used for later Valor products
  • Application Deadline is 8/15/20
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