Valor Core Rulebook Kickstarter

We are excited to announce that we will be launching a Kickstarter on September 24th for a second, updated printing of the Valor Core Rulebook! You can find the pre-release page here!

The new book will include all identified errata, as well as an updated layout and updating the creator names. Anybody who has purchased the original book in hardcover or PDF form will receive the updated PDF free of charge, but the Kickstarter will offer some fun extras for returning fans as well! We hope you’ll support us again on this relaunch!

As one of the big items we want to cover is updating our creator names to properly reflect our identities, so too would we like to update the list of names from the original backers if necessary. We will not be printing additional backer names for the second Kickstarter due to the timeline of printing and PDF completion, but if you were part of the original group who backed Valor and would like to update your listed name for any reason, please email us at with the header BACKER NAME UPDATE. Identify the prior name and the name you would like to update it to. We will not share these details with anybody outside our core team and only for purposes of properly updating the names.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out! We’ll have more details on logistics as the Kickstarter gets rolling!