Announcing Valor Live: The Woven

We are excited to announce our next Actual Play! Valor Live: The Woven will debut with a pre-recorded episode 0 on Friday, May 27th at 5:00 PM Pacific Time on our Twitch Channel. This will be a bi-monthly game run by Valor Co-Creator Liana MacKenzie. This game will take place in our new Lenaia setting inspired by magical girl, idol, and magical academy Anime. It will follow a student Unit as they investigate the ley lines of power that run through the world. We’ll reveal the characters with session 0, but first, let’s meet the cast!

Asher Dmitri

Asher Dmitri is a curious little nonbinary individual living out of the Pacific Northwest. They discovered a love for art and comics at a young age and chose to follow the bonkers path of a self-taught artist, which brought them to conventions, and ultimately to a seat at an early Valor playtest panel. From there, they not only found a love for the Valor system, they also joined Liana’s team as a baby artist, providing some of their work to the core manual. They’ve since gone on to work in Kickstarter projects, comics, music, and voice acting, as well as finding time to take their first art class through Syn Studio. Today, they’re a freelance illustrator working out of their home with their spouse, still in the dampest corner of Washington state. Twenty-six months living indoors and counting – Stay safe out there, everyone!

Michelle Rapp

Michelle Rapp is a Vietnamese-American cozy bisexual who regularly fails to disguise her real identity (three bewildered owls in a sweater). A bookworm who loves complicated board games, Magic the Gathering and rolling dice, she set fire to her past career within tech to create pottery and write RPG’s. Michelle often appears as an RPG performer and GM on Loading Ready Run, and also makes her voice heard on Asian Diaspora topics on the Asians Represent! Podcast. She loves cats, ceramics, baking, blankets, and smashing the patriarchy.

Steven Hyunh

Steve Huynh (he/him) is a Vietnamese tabletop RPG writer and gaming enthusiast based in Toronto, ON. He is a co-host and Discord Admin for the Asians Represent! podcast. His most recently writing credit was for Unbreakable Vol 1 where he wrote an adventure based on his childhood memories of climbing mountains in Vietnam. He edited for both Unbreakable: Revolutions and Unbreakable Vol 2 releasing in 2022.
He works full-time as a business consultant and spends the rest of his time pursuing cooking, lifting heavy stuff, cosplaying, and trying out as many RPGs as possible!
With a background in education, Steve loves RPGs for their ability to give you space to tell stories that both bring you joy but also give you a safe environment to explore and play with feelings and thoughts – with people you love and want to grow with.

Vanessa Hoskins

Vanessa Hoskins (she/her) is a giant TTRPG nerd who has been playing and running tabletop games for [REDACTED] years! Phew! Though most of her recent writing credits and play experience are in the Pathfinder and Starfinder systems, she’s excited to jump face first into Valor again after her appearance on Episode 3 of Valor Live playing the fey performer LuminousGrove! (Go Lummi!) You may recognize Vanessa from such actual play podcasts as Know Direction’s Adventurous! and Roll For Combat’s Three Ring Adventure. She also co-authors Vellum & Lace, the first piece of serialized Pathfinder fiction on Pathfinder Infinite, with Helen Savore. Finally, she’s recently started Ninja Cat Games, an indie video game studio . What can’t she do?! (Cook, the answer is: she cannot cook) She does all of this with the support of her brilliant wife and their adorable cat.