Windriders Episode 15 Guest – Corina Boettger

Valor Live Windriders Episode 15 will feature our first Guest actor of the season season! Please welcome Corina Boettger, who will be playing the the aptly named Girl A!

Corina Boettger is an autistic, non-binary voice actor with a wide range of roles from both Anime and video games. Their notable roles include Emergency Food Paimon from Genshin Impact, Tatsumaki from One Punch Man, and Takeru Takaishi and Palmon from Digimon Adventure (2023). In addition to voice acting, they are also a notable streamer on Twitch and proud bird parent.

In Valor Live they will be playing Girl A, a hapless NPC who wanders into the party’s path as they investigate some illegal exotic pet dealings. Girl A is an eager and supportive young lady who is accompanied by her dearest companion, the Great Pigeon Mark.

You can find Corina on Twitch as well as their birds and occasionally also them on Twitter.