Valor Discord Community and Creative Commons

With Best in Class almost complete and the launch of Valor Live just around the corner, one of the things we want to provide is a way for people who play Valor to build a community around it. Valor was designed to be highly modular and work with a lot of different stories and styles, so it’s important to us to make sure that those who want to play it are able to find other players, share their own homebrew, and receive support for playing the game.

To that end, we are deploying our official Valor Discord which can be found here: Valor Tabletop RPG Discord

The Discord will allow players to connect with each other, share notes, and organize online play sessions. It’ll also serve as a place for Patrons to discuss content as we roll out our Patreon, as well as discuss Valor Live as the show launches.

Another major aspect we want to highlight is the Creative Commons License Valor operates under. The operating license can be found here. It allows you to, with appropriate attribution, freely share and adapt the Valor rules. What’s notable under these rules is that users are able to create their own rulesets and even publish them for profit without any royalty requirement. The only major requirement is that all material published in this fashion must also be published under the same Creative Commons License, in essence you pay it forward by allowing creators that come after you to benefit as you did (those wishing to utilize a private license may coordinate with and license the system from us directly if desired).

We also have some logos for those hoping to make use of our Creative Commons License. These are free to use for all Valor Creative Commons projects, and can be found here: