Character Contest Winner – Wynn

The first of our contest winners is the bearded dragon Wynn. We loved Wynn’s design, it was very visually striking and the storyline was light and humorous – an aspiring spy and rogue with a larger-than-life personality whose appearance doesn’t necessarily fit her ambitions and personality.


Born into a thieve’s guild, Wynn grew up with the goal of becoming a spy. Armed with a quick mind

and a silver tongue, she can charm information out of just about anyone – at least she would if it

weren’t for her super conspicuous appearance. So yeah she’s a pretty bad spy. She finds more often

than not she’s taken for granted, used as muscle or intimidation whenever necessary.

But even while living as a hired thug, Wynn’s mind always yearns for knowledge. she spends every

spare moment that she can reading current papers and novels alike, interviewing adventurers passing

through town. She is never satisfied with a simple answer, and seeks meaning behind everything.

However, she is quick to accept things as fact and will sometimes investigate and pass on mundane

gossip she hears about town.

Wynn is overeager and inquisitive – definitely an intimidating personality when paired with a 7 foot tall

dragon girl. Her scales are a dull gold, which fade into a lighter cream at the ends of her horns, toes,

and other bits and bobbles. She is sturdily built, with toned arms and thighs, and has two horns

protruding vertically from the top of her head. more flexible spines – almost akin to hair, falls to her

collarbone from the back of her head. She also has a large frill around her neck that will lie flat on

most occasions, but flare up when she is excited (Like when she’s sharing the latest gossip). for her

outfit, she tends to keep her arms free, since she does a lot of work with her hands. Her outfit is

multiple layers – starting with a black one piece bodysuit that stops right at the top of her thighs. this

is covered with a rich blue top with gold embroidery along with a belted corset, and accompanied by

some good old fashioned Assess Chaps and a belt full of coins and baubles she’s collected from

people’s pockets.

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