Valorous Foes

We are excited to announce our second Valor book, Valorous Foes, will be Kickstarting soon! Valorous Foes will be the first expansion book to Valor: the Heroic Roleplay System and will focus on providing a healthy selection of monsters and enemies for heroes to face on their journey. We are in the process of finishing the rest of the builds for the Foes, and are targeting an early September date to begin the Kickstarter. Keep your eyes on the site, as well as our Social Media for more information!

Additionally, with Valor having been released for a little over a year now, we’re also preparing to release our first official errata. While not necessary to play and enjoy the game, the errata will update some balance issues we’ve discovered as a broader group has played the game, as well as correct some minor errors that were found in the book. The errata will be freely available for download online, and our intent is to send an updated book to all digital customers as soon as we figure out the best way to do so. Any future printings of the Valor core book will be updated to the errata changes, and the free online errata will be formatted in a way that can be easily printed and slipped into the book.

We’re excited to be bringing this new book to you! We hope it will make your Valor games that much better. We will be releasing more art and information during the Kickstarter, but for now please enjoy this sample – the artwork for the largest Foe in the game, the mighty Leviathan! The Leviathan is a high-level Master Foe that can make short work of entire fleets of ships. With its great girth and seemingly never-ending supply of health, the Leviathan is just one of the many Foes your party will have to work hard to best if they want to be successful!

Things are busy here at Valorous Games as we work hard to finish up the book. We hope you will share our excitement and enjoy this new installment of the Valor Tabletop System!