Tools of the Trade Community Content Requests

As we develop Tools of the Trade content (currently available on Early Access here), we want to tailor the content to make sure the community gets as many options as we can provide. To that end, we’re opening up requests! If you’re interested in requesting some kind of content, email us at with the subject header “TOOLS OF THE TRADE REQUEST”. This will be open indefinitely as we refine Tools of the Trade, although depending on the request we will not guarantee that we will make that content or that it will appear exactly as you requested with consideration to game balance and thematic appropriateness. The submissions can be broad or narrow in scope, things like “I want more abilities to use while flying” to “I want a power that lets me jump under a target’s feet and throw them out of their space”. Please do not submit full writeups for skills or abilities, we will not be able to use your original text so keep this conceptual wherever possible.

We’ll regularly talk Tools of the Trade on Developer Streams via our Twitch Channel so keep an eye out there or on our Twitter for more announcements and content! So long as you own the Early Access, you’ll get the updates for free as they come out.

Patreon Launch and Tools of the Trade on Early Access

Hey everyone, a few announcements today!

First, we are pleased to announce that the Core Rulebook Valor: Tools of the Trade is now available on Early Access! You can find it here:

This is the first of our Early Access and Micro-Content projects, with a more complete version of Villains, Creatures and Foes expected a bit later after we get all 400 pages of it into some semblance of a workable format for export. You can read a bit  more about our Early Access program here

Second, we have officially launched our Patreon! It can be found here

While we will still be working behind the scenes to customize the page, the core goals are providing alternate ways to support Valor development. Patreon proceeds will go toward supporting programs such as Valor Live, as well as full product releases so we appreciate your support!

Third, we are launching a second stream over on our Twitch channel, which can be found here

This stream will be every Tuesday at 6:00 PM Pacific time. We’ve currently slated it to run one hour, but depending on the response we are open to increasing that time as needed. These streams will feature Valorous Games owner and Lead Designer Austin MacKenzie, who will walk through in-development content such as rules used in Valor Live or some of the Early Access content. He will also take questions from the stream, and unveil development content requested by Patrons. The Valor Development Stream will launch on October 27th, where we will explore the freeway rules used in Valor Live Episode 3: Immortal Wind (episode found here)

Finally, we’re down to the final map for Best in Class art! Expect an update on Best in Class hopefully in a few days!