Windriders Episode 18 Guest – Rook

Valor Live Windriders Episode 18 will feature our second Guest actor of the season season! Please welcome Rook, who will be playing the river dragon Minnow!

Rookuri is a pansexual variety MMORPG content creator, shoutcaster, and host. As a Twitch and ArenaNet partner, she strives to spread smiles while helping players connect to the games they love by fostering a welcoming, diverse, and uplifting community online. Her previous work includes official Twitch events, Twitch’s Crown channel, World First Race hosting & commentary, FFXIV Duty Commenced & official ArenaNet GW2 reveal streams. She’s looking forward to bringing her acting and TTRPG experience to the table alongside the wonderful cast of Windriders!

In Valor Live she will be playing Minnow, a river dragon guardian of a small stream who has gathered the mundane and ordinary stories many feel are not important.

You can find Rook on Twitch , YouTube and Twitter.

We’ll add Rook’s character art later this week, stay tuned!