Tools of the Trade Community Content Requests

As we develop Tools of the Trade content (currently available on Early Access here), we want to tailor the content to make sure the community gets as many options as we can provide. To that end, we’re opening up requests! If you’re interested in requesting some kind of content, email us at with the subject header “TOOLS OF THE TRADE REQUEST”. This will be open indefinitely as we refine Tools of the Trade, although depending on the request we will not guarantee that we will make that content or that it will appear exactly as you requested with consideration to game balance and thematic appropriateness. The submissions can be broad or narrow in scope, things like “I want more abilities to use while flying” to “I want a power that lets me jump under a target’s feet and throw them out of their space”. Please do not submit full writeups for skills or abilities, we will not be able to use your original text so keep this conceptual wherever possible.

We’ll regularly talk Tools of the Trade on Developer Streams via our Twitch Channel so keep an eye out there or on our Twitter for more announcements and content! So long as you own the Early Access, you’ll get the updates for free as they come out.

New Year Update

Happy New Year everybody! A few quick updates on Valor and what we have in store for the next year!

First, we’ve added a PDF to the Errata page – we were initially thinking we might be able to get the fully updated PDF pushed through but given our current development timeline we decided it’d be best to just release the Errata-only document. You can find the Errata here

Second, Best in Class development continues with the final layout, we have some final text double-checks that need to be completed before the full layout can be placed, we’re hoping that will be finished within the next few days pending layout schedule. Announcements on Best in Class will generally still remain on the Kickstarter page.

Third, we’re looking forward to the conclusion of Season 1 of Valor Live! The current Valor Live will continue later this year – we want to give Zack a chance to develop the next arc, but in the interim we’ll probably have some other streams with different casts running. More details to come on that!

Fourth, we’ve made a quick update to our Patreon. We recently put out the first call for series submissions to do a stream on how to run various Anime and video games in Valor. Based on the response, we’re going to make this a regular fixture, going forward Patrons can submit potential series for us to cover and we’ll put it to a vote on Twitter as to what to cover. Topic submissions start at the $5 Patreon tier, so if you’re interested in making submissions our Patreon can be found here! If we receive enough submissions, we’ll let the Patrons narrow down the topics to about 5 before putting it up on Twitter, and any Patron, no matter the contribution tier is eligible to vote on the narrowed down topic list.

Finally, conventions. We’d love to do them, but we’re not going to start until we have vaccines ourselves and the vaccine situation in the country has dramatically improved. Unfortunately, there’s no saying when that’s actually going to be, but we are guardedly hopeful we may be able to do some conventions during the latter part of the year. More to come on that as we know more.