Valor Live/Asians Represent Charity Stream to Support Trans Rights

We are excited to announce our first Charity stream! The stream will be on Saturday, June 25th at 10:00 AM Pacific/1:00 PM on our Twitch Channel. Additionally, we’re thrilled to be partnering with the phenomenal award-winning Asians Represent Podcast! This stream is a Pride Month stream supporting the Transgender Law Center, a cause near and dear to our hearts as Valor was developed by two trans people. The game will be a one-shot adventure designed around martial-arts inspired action and combat styles inspired by Bleach and Demon Slayer. Join us and our amazing crew to raise money for a great and necessary cause!

Here is our cast!

Emma Yasui

Emma Yasui (she/her) is a mixed Japanese-Canadian archaeologist who has found herself in the world of TTRPGs in the last few years. She started this expedition with the Asians Represent! podcast, discussing topics related to representations of Japan and the Japanese diaspora, and she now works as a writer and cultural consultant on TTRPG content. Emma also tries to be a professional academic, researching ancient foodways in northern Japan during the Jomon Period and teaching courses on the intersections of the past, pop culture, and diaspora experience. She loves squirrels, playing games, and knitting socks. She currently resides in Toronto with her cat Hunter, who has appeared on Asians Represent! live streams almost as many times as she has.

Lily Emil Lammers

Lily Emil Lammers is a bigender voice actor from Valencia, California. Their pronouns are she/he/they. After studying theater at Mills College in Oakland, she’s returned home and currently resides in Burbank.

Most notably, Emil can be heard as Ash in the Nintendo mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes, in addition to appearances in SMITE, Genshin Impact, and Negative Atmosphere. He’s also provided background voices for anime such as HunterXHunter and Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun. Outside of anime and games, she was lucky enough to provide narration for the audiobook of Unbroken: 13 Stories Starring Disabled Teens, now available on Audible.

In their free time, Lily enjoys listening to old radio dramas, practicing lightsaber combat, and learning new languages.

Steven Hyunh

Steve Huynh (he/him) is a Vietnamese tabletop RPG writer and gaming enthusiast based in Toronto, ON. He is a co-host and Discord Admin for the Asians Represent! podcast. His most recently writing credit was for Unbreakable Vol 1 where he wrote an adventure based on his childhood memories of climbing mountains in Vietnam. He edited for both Unbreakable: Revolutions and Unbreakable Vol 2 releasing in 2022.
He works full-time as a business consultant and spends the rest of his time pursuing cooking, lifting heavy stuff, cosplaying, and trying out as many RPGs as possible!
With a background in education, Steve loves RPGs for their ability to give you space to tell stories that both bring you joy but also give you a safe environment to explore and play with feelings and thoughts – with people you love and want to grow with.

Tamara “Tide” Fritz

Tamara Fritz (she or he) is a genderfluid British-American Voice Actor who has been producing work online under her handle ‘totalspiffage’ for more than 10 years, including original music, parody songs, and covers. She got her start in VO in 2014 and has worked as a full-time VO ever since. She works primarily in the commercial sector, but video game VO is her passion.
His more notable credits include Wargroove, as Queen Mercia, Magic the Gathering: Arena, as Freyalise, and multiple roles in the MMO Warframe, as the evil robotic spider Profit-Taker as well as the lead quest-giving NPC Eudico in Warframe’s expansion, Fortuna. He was also a cast member on Live Play series URealms for two years, where he provided voices for animations as well as performing on the show, and a podcast for Demon: The Fallen called “Ladies of Darkness”.
She currently lives in Columbus, OH, where she spends her free time writing and playing music, gaming, and memorizing obscure video game lore.
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