Runner Up – Saph

The second Runner Up is Saph. The character can be described quite easily: Kitten sorcerer! We absolutely adored this submission, it was a simple but adorable concept that we all fell in love with.


Initially, Saph was a small newborn kitten half-dead and waterlogged before she was found by a

kingdom’s sorcerer who used his magic to keep her alive during the night; the magic ended up modifying

her colors/physical appearance quite a bit. Ever since, she basically considers the sorcerer her dad, and

he takes care of her and sometimes spoils her a bit.

When a corrupted mage (who went on a massacre to absorb the magic of each kingdom’s unique

sorcerer or mage) targeted the sorcerer, he gave all of his magic abilities to her and sent her far away;

the power gave her human-like sentience and intelligence as well as vast magical capabilities (Broad

interpretations). While her main goal is to find out what happened to her owner/dad and the state of

the kingdom, she tries to solve problems of those she meets during her travels in memory of her

owner’s kindness and willingness to help others.

She means well, but doesn’t seem like she does outwardly; she’s brash, a little arrogant, and can get

easily riled up with the right button pushing. Most of the time she comes off as sarcastic or cynical, but

once she mellows out she tries to make amends.

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