Valor is a tabletop roleplaying game designed to allow players to play whatever character they can dream up. It boasts highly customizable character creation and simple, fun, active gameplay, encouraging players to invest in the characters they create and bring them to life over the course of the game.

Valor is played with a grid map, the core rulebook, and a single 10-sided die for each player. Characters specialize in a number of different statistics and clash with opposed die rolls, adding their respective bonuses to determine who triumphs in any particular engagement. The grid map provides strategic flexibility as characters use their custom-built techniques to sling fireballs, ki blasts, and any other number of attacks across the battlefield. Out of combat, characters match wits in challenge scenes, where they again clash with opposed die rolls to influence the situation and bring it to their advantage.

When building a character in Valor, players select a few stats to specialize in, choosing between Strength, Agility, Spirit, Mind and Guts. Strength characters are powerful and capable, able to withstand punishment and deal damage with heavy attacks. Agility characters are quick and nimble, able to move swiftly across the battlefield and employ a number of speed-based abilities. Spirit characters are powerful magic users, with the ability to launch massive blasts at great range. Intuition characters are precise magic users, able to use a number of cerebral skills to throw their opponents off balance and produce controlled blasts and lines. Finally, Guts characters are bold and resolute, difficult to bring down and affect with negative statuses. While not focused on attacking, Guts characters are able to take an immense amount of punishment and defend their allies with ease. A typical Valor character will specialize in two or three of these, which will provide the core for their unique set of skills and abilities.

In Valor, being brave is important. The Valor stat begins at 0 and climbs slowly over the course of a scene. As players engage with their characters, delivering epic speeches, grad descriptions of their actions, and confronting rivals or pursuing goals important to their character, they will gain additional Valor, which can then be spent to achieve any number of powerful effects such as dramatically increasing the result of a roll or healing oneself temporarily in an emergency.

Valor is an extremely flexible system, and can capture a wide variety of settings and tones. Whether you’re looking for an epic adventure of swords and sorcery, a grungy urban fantasy experience, or a high-powered martial arts epic, Valor has you covered. With the immense range and depth of character creation, just about any concept can be realized and fit to the setting. Valor is about removing restrictions and unleashing creativity, players are not bound by set classes and rigid ability sets, or slowly accumulating points that can’t be spent on anything impactful. In Valor, characters gain levels and grow in power, allowing further customization options

When playing Valor, whatever you can dream you can do. Players and Game Masters can come together and tell the stories they want to tell with the characters they want to create within them.