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Valor Interview: Austin MacKenzie, Lead Designer

With Valor: Villains, Creatures and Foes in development and the Kickstarter in full-swing, we wanted to take the time to get an inside look at what goes into creating Valor. Over the next few weeks, we will be sitting down with a number of people who made this game happen, from the designers, to the […]

Valorous Foes

We are excited to announce our second Valor book, Valorous Foes, will be Kickstarting soon! Valorous Foes will be the first expansion book to Valor: the Heroic Roleplay System and will focus on providing a healthy selection of monsters and enemies for heroes to face on their journey. We are in the process of finishing […]

Extreme Adventures: Colossal Showdown

Scenario An Ancient Colossus, a construct of an age long past has awakened and the party must bring it down! This adventure is intended to be a big, epic season end showdown. As such it is balanced to be much more difficult than the standard Extreme Adventures. Set-up The battlefield is the Colossus itself and […]

Extreme Adventures: The Lost Temple

Happy New Year everybody! We’re back after a December hiatus for more Extreme Adventures! Scenario  The party must descend into the Lost Temple to recover the Golden Idol, an artifact of great power. Set-up  The Temple is a continuous run broken up by a number of different scenes that must be cleared by the players […]

Extreme Adventures: The Thespian Heist Part 2

Scenario  As the party makes off with the wealth of Essalia, an alarm rings out throughout the Kingdom. The theft has been discovered and a livid King Humphrey musters his airforce to pursue the fleeing airship. Set-Up  The airship has a steering wheel that allows a player to control it with a support action. This […]

Extreme Adventures: The Thespian Heist Part 1

Scenario The Kingdom of Esallia is celebrating the birthday of its King, Humphrey XIV. Esallia’s nobility is known far and wide as possessing great wealth and the will to use it, throwing lavish parties and galas. This party is expected to be no different, and is a prime opportunity for enterprising n’er do wells to […]

Extreme Adventures: Valorous Chef

Valorous Chef is the first beta demo that was ever run at a convention. Conceived as a parody of the Iron Chef television series, Valorous Chef puts the heroes in an extreme cooking challenge. This adventure is an update and revamp of the original 2011 beta demo adventure. Scenario The heroes are master chefs who […]

Welcome to Valorous Games

Welcome to Valorous Games! We are a tabletop game design company based out of Federal Way, Washington. Our mission is to create a tabletop experience where players are able to create any character they can imagine. Here, you will be able to purchase the Valor Tabletop rulebook, as well as other products related to the game. We […]