Valor Live Windriders Season 2

Valorous Games is thrilled to announce the return of Valor Live: Windriders for a second season! Featuring an amazing cast of talented voice actors, Valor Live Windriders takes place in the modern fantasy world of Valress and follows the misadventures of four Cavaliers – professional monster-hunters-for-hire as they become entangled within their provincial politics and the machinations of the rich and sinister! Valor Live: Windriders will take place every other Friday starting April 7th at 6:00 PM Pacific/9:00 PM Eastern on Twitch! You don’t want to miss it!

If you want to get caught up with the original story and cast of Windriders, check out the complete season 1 up on YouTube!

Windriders will feature our full returning cast!

Zack Maher – GM
Francesca Calo – Callon “Kazhri” Lau
Lily Lammers – Bryn “Allez” Briar
Tamara Fritz – Gemma “HeartShine” Friedman
Paul Greene-Dennis – Faizon “S.P.” Black

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