Extreme Adventures: The Thespian Heist Part 2


 As the party makes off with the wealth of Essalia, an alarm rings out throughout the Kingdom. The theft has been discovered and a livid King Humphrey musters his airforce to pursue the fleeing airship.


 The airship has a steering wheel that allows a player to control it with a support action. This can be done to evade pursuers and maneuver through obstacles. Typically, Dexterity or Muscle would be used to finesse or brute force the wheel to where it needs to be, but the characters have the ability to justify Aura and Intuition if they can justify it.

Additionally, the airship has four anti-airship gun ports interspersed on the side of the ship. The guns can be activated with a Support Action by any adjacent character. The guns are too large and slow to attack more mobile combat units, but can be used to disable defenses.

During the duration of this session, there will be one Meter, the Airship Durability meter. The Meter begins at 10 and declines as the airship takes damage. Quick repairs can be made to maintain the integrity of the airship with an Engineering roll of 12. Repairs require a Support Action, but cannot bring the Durability meter above 6. If desired, you can use a Slow Action for a +2 bonus to your roll, and can bring the Durability to an 8. To repair Durability to 7 or 8, a roll of 14 is required.

From the start of the adventure, the airship is pursued by a squadron of light interceptors as the guards scramble to entrap the party. The airship squad will be present throughout the entirety of the scene, and will recover their meter by 2 between each scene. The Interceptors have a Deterity of 5 and a Meter that begins at 6. The Interceptors will fire on the airship on their own initiative in an attempt to bring it down. If the Interceptor meter is reduced to 4 by the airship gunfire, their Dexterity will be reduced to 4 as one of the Interceptors will be shot down, and if the meter is reduced to 2, the Dexterity will be reduced to 3 as another of the Interceptors will be shot down. Reducing the meter to 1 destroys the last of the Interceptors. If the Interceptor Meter raises to 8, their Dexterity increases by 2, and if the Meter raises to 10, their Dexterity increases by an additional 1.

Scene 1: Royal Magus Knights

 As the airship departs, the thefts are discovered and a group of Royal Magus Knights riding Griffons take flight to give chase. The Royal Knights can move freely across the battlefield and attack as desired, due to their flying Mount Companions. There will be 1 Royal Magus Knight per 2 party members. All Royal Magus Knights begin mounted on their Companion, which can fly and has a Move of 5. The Royal Knights shouldn’t unmount during the scene as they will need it to keep up with the airship. While mounted, the Royal Magus Knights take up an additional outside space per the Increased Size rules.


royal magus knight


Permanent Skills: Fast Companion lv. 1, Tough lv. 1, Iron Defense lv. 1, Resistant lv. 1

companion lv 1

flying companion lv 1

mount lv 1


instant mount


royal charge

Effect: 56 strength damage, attack targets you move into, if you hit, continue moving and push the character with you, ignores Zone of Control

Limit: Cannot be used again for 1 turn

Cost: 5 ST

lightning blast

Effect: 51 spirit damage, targets everyone within a line of 10

Limit: Requires 1 Valor to use

Cost: 5 ST


Effect: 51 spirit damage, range 8, targets everyone within 1 space

Limit: You must expend a Support Action to reload this Technique before it can be used again

Cost: 3 ST

flying rush

Effect: 56 strength damage, move and attack all targets you move through, ignores Zone of Control

Limit: Cannot be used again for 1 turn

Cost: 5 ST

Scene 2: Escape the Gates

There will be three obstacles the party must make it through in order to pass through this scene. The first is an enormous, ironclad gate. The team must pass a roll of 12 to clear the gate, if they fail they will be caught on the gate and the Airship Durability meter will be reduced by 1. Any party member can attempt to pass through the gate, but an attempt must be made before the end of the round. If the team does not make an attempt after the first round, they will instead have the Airship durability reduced by 2.

The second obstacle will be a gun array. The team must pass a roll of 13 to clear the array before the round ends, but a failed roll imposes no penalty. The team can fire upon the array to make it easier to cross; a roll of 12 reduces the difficulty of traversing the array by 1. If the team has not passed through the array safely by the end of the round, the Airship Durability will be reduced by 2. Every member of the team should have the opportunity to act during this stage, even if it requires part of two different rounds to do so.

The final obstacle will be a bunch of hooks that will attempt to entrap the party and hold them back. Each party member will have to try to move the ship through the gauntlet, avoiding the hook. The party will have to clear as many hook segments as there are party members. Each segment requires a roll of 12 to pass, if a hook hits, the segment is not progressed and the hook is latched onto the ship, increasing the difficulty of passing further hook rolls by 1. Instead of progressing, a party member may remove a hook, but doing so reduces the Airship Durability by 1.

Scene 3: The Royal Dragon

 As the party clears the castle, the mighty Royal Dragon will enter, pursing the team. As with the Royal Magus Knights, the Dragon can move freely across the map. If the party is comprised of 6 members, the Dragon will be accompanied by another Royal Magus Knight. The Royal Dragon may, as a support action, roll against the ship’s durability. This can be defended against by any party member, and is an opposed roll.

royal dragon


Permanent Skills: Tough lv. 1, Physical Attacker lv. 1, Energy Attacker lv. 1, Sprinter lv. 1

bravado lv 1

fly lv 1

free flight

Increased Size lv


golden flame

Effect: 66 spirit damage, targets everyone within a line of 10, targets everyone within 1 space

Limit: Requires 1 Valor to use

Cost: 7 ST


Effect: 61 spirit damage, targets everyone everyone within 3 spaces

Limit: Requires 1 Valor to use, cannot be used again for 1 round

Cost: 5 ST

hardened scales

Effect: Bestows Enhanced Evasion (+1 to all defense rolls) until the end of your turn 2 turns from now.

Limit: Can only be used on yourself

Cost: 5 ST

majestic charge

Effect: 71 strength damage, attack targets you move into, if you hit, continue moving and push the character with you, ignores Zone of Control, targets all enemies within 1 space

Limit: Cannot be used again for 1 turn, requires 1 Valor to use

Cost: 5 ST

Once the Royal Dragon has been defeated, the party is clear to make their escape, the forces of Essalia lacking the capability to pursue them.

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